Dream Stays Bath Location

By Road...

Bath's wonderfully central location means that it can be conveniently reached by a range of different routes when travelling by car.

You have arrived onto George Street in Bath City Centre, follow onto Gay street and then turn right onto Old King Street, followed right into John Street, and finally cross onto Queen Street. Harington’s City Hotel is on your right. Park up outside on the curb and pop into reception to check in For Harry’s, City and Loft. Do give us a tinkle on 01225 461728 if you get stuck (it happens to the best of us at one time or another!) - Please bare in mind Milsom street is a bus lane from 10am - 6pm.

For our Beau Street apartments please give us a bell on 01225 461728 when approximately 30 minutes away, (for example when you’re coming of the M4) this allows us to be able to meet you at the apartment. Heading along St James Street West, on approaching you will see Bath College and the Black Fox Pub, turn here followed immediately by a right bend and drive past the pub down Lower Borough Walls.

Follow the road and you will come to another pub, the Lamb and Lion. Take a left onto Bilbury Lane. (Your GPS System may tell you to continue down Lower Borough Walls instead, however there is sometimes a bollard) Drive down Bilbury lane and you will see to your right Beau Street, this is where your apartment is located. If there is a parking space here you can park here and we will give you the permit. If you are unloading your luggage and then parking elsewhere, you can stop briefly in the dead-end area. The next closest street to park on is St James Parade. Your Permit will also give alternative parking areas nearby.

By Rail...

You’ve arrived at Bath Spa Train or Bus Station; If checking into Beau street give us a tinkle on 01225 461728. If walking, simply turn left into Dorchester Street, then turn right into Southgate, carry on up through Stall Street past ‘Marks and Spencers’ and turn left here for Beau Street. We will be outside waiting for you, next door to Shakeaway.

For Harry’s, City and Loft carry on through the pedestrian area into Union Street past ‘WH Smith’ and into Old Bond Street. Just past the clothes shop ‘Gap’ turn left into Quiet Street and then first left into Queen Street. To walk from the train or bus station takes 10 to 15 minutes. Otherwise, a taxi will only take a few minutes and would usually cost around £4.00.

OUR Location

Dream Stays Bath at Harington's Hotel,
8-10 Queen Street,


Dream Stays Bath at Beau Street
3 Beau Street